Thursday, August 4, 2011

Custom Neverwinter Character Sheet

So here's a quick custom character sheet I cobbled together this morning for the upcoming Neverwinter Game Day this Saturday.

The official WotC Neverwinter Character Sheet is prettier, no doubt, but lacks room things like power stats and such.

That's really my biggest gripe with Type IV D&D character sheets. There's never enough room to write down all the info you need with Powers. All they ever give you is a small text-box and expect you to cram in the info. Hopefully this new sheet makes it at least a little easier to write those details down.

The only thing that got scrapped on the sheet is a 'Character Notes' section. I'm a big fan of those
boxes that allow you to write down NPC names, plot details, and little doodles. Then again, like most people with physical character sheets, I'll probably suggest that you write those things down on the back of the sheet. One big empty canvas to scrawl on.

Enjoy. Let me know if any improvements can be made in comments.

*I'm also working on an Essentials 2-Page character builder guide for all you people using the two D&D Essentials books. It should be ready for Saturday.


  1. I like it, especially the power boxes on the right. I am gonna use it for one shots or for playing with new players that enter the game. Great stuff!

  2. I would love to see a two pager. this is great! YOINK!

  3. I like the guide you have here for creating characters for encounters and it helps out a lot since I'm a new player. I also find your character sheets to be better but I'm having a bit of trouble filling out all the information. Is there any way you could post an example of a filled sheet so I know what I'm doing?