Thursday, August 4, 2011

Essentials 3 Page Character Builder Guide (ver 1.0)

Update: Errors Corrected, plus refined Equipment list added

I just couldn't get it down to two pages. I tried. I really tried.

This is for all you crybabies who need help making characters with the two new Essentials players books (Heroes of the Felled Labyrinths, and Heroes of the Funky Kitchens, respectively). Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Essentials. I understand it's another entry way into the game for new players, and I dig that. However, its whole design philosophy seems to be about 'simplifying the game' while actually making it more complicated for new players.

To each their own. I hope this helps people out. Let me know in comments if there are any glaring issues.

BTW, if the formatting is weird, its because the pages are formatted to be the same size as the actual Essentials books, so that this guide can be slipped in/glued into the existing book.


  1. A few things I noticed.

    -Heroes is spelt wrong a few times.
    -Again, 4d6 drop one is an extremely uncommon way of generating stats, and one that essentials doesn't even mention. I'd use the listed stat arrays instead.
    -The sample equipment doesn't seems as useful for as much space it takes up. Also, combining the Fighter and Druid seems off, as the Fighter fits much better into the Cleric/Paladin box. Maybe a list of good item choices for each class or class set would be better.

    Still, I plan on using these Saturday at the Game Day.

  2. @Blackknight1239

    -fixed the typos
    -Updated the equipment. It wasn't as refined as it could have been
    -I'll defend the 4d6 ability score generation method to the death. WotC's 'stat arrays' make for generic character stats, with no real weaknesses. I prefer a random roll, ensuring at least a couple very low stats. Allows a character 'room for improvement'. But, to each their own. Use a stat array if you want.