Thursday, October 13, 2011

"My Campaign" art meme

So there's been a bunch of D&D art memes over the years. The current most popular one is the DM merit-badges, which can be found here, from Strange Magic. There's also the Alignment meme popularized on Dorkly, found here. On top of that, many other sites, forums, and message boards have all kinds of D&D campaign questionnaires and identifiers:

"What film best encapsulates your campaign"


"Pick a piece of art that best describes your game"

Well POPPYCOCK to all those! I'm gonna do 'em one better!

Here's the "My Campaign" Art Meme:
Download this template, then Photoshop (or other art program) in three pictures of other media that best describes the look, feel, atmosphere, style, and tone of your campaign. Said media can include:

-Television series
-Video Games
-Paper/Dice RPGs
-Published RPG Settings
-Philosophies (depicted by philosophers)
-Noteworthy people
-Web series
-Cocktail napkin doodles
-Beer Commercials

For example, say you had a super-traditional medieval fantasy themed campaign, motivated and presented using only the most often thought of fantasy tropes. Your finished art meme might look like this:
See? Art cues taken from Lord of the Rings, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms; all the typical fantasy works that most people associate with D&D, becoming the basis for their campaign world and style (even if said style is a bit generic). We as an audience can infer from this meme that Boring Brett's involves a giant fantasy world, bearded wizards, and a motley crew of standard fantasy archetypes. All of these images epitomize a 'generic fantasy setting' as we understand them.

*Apologies to all the 'real' Brett's out there. I'm sure you're all super classy guys.

Then, there's my Campaign Art Meme:

Eh? Ehh?! Totally more better, right? Right?!

My current Saturday game is described best with the three above images. Humour is a big part of the game, as is a light tone and satirical edge. Also, sometimes blood, death, nudity, and sex there's that, too.

My campaign is influenced heavily by all three pieces of media shown above, from the humour and tone of Penny Arcade, the intrigue and world of Dragon Age, and also I had an adventure where the PCs fought sentient cake while trying to save a 1000lb princess. That would feel right at home in the world of Adventure Time.

So there's the meme. I implore you to give it a try and post your own encapsulated description of your campaign on your blog. Your readers will appreciate the references and description. I feel it's a decent shorthand for describing your campaign and its style. Give it a try:

Here's the template, again:

Let me know what you think in comments.

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