Monday, February 6, 2012

The Villain Questionnaire

Almost every person who's been a dungeon master usually likes coming up with villains. Whether they're cheeseball cliches shouting "I'll get you next time!" or meticulously crafted emotional foils to the player characters, great villains are always a blast to play.

So, if you're a DM (and have a D&D-centric blog), give this short questionnaire a try. Tell us about one of your favourite villains of your own devising.

1. What's her/his name?

2. What's her/his race and class?

3. What, if anything, inspired you to create said villain?

4. What was her/his main goal? Did she/he accomplish it?

5. What in their history made them pursue "evil"?

6. What was their relationship like with the PCs?

7. What, if any, was one of their fiendish plots that stands out in your mind? Also, how did the PCs overcome it?

8. How did your villain dress/talk/present themselves?

9. What was your villain's greatest secret or weakness?

10. If applicable, how did your villain die?

Answer in comments, or post from your own blog.


  1. 1. Moma Kel

    2. She's a Winter Hag

    3. I loved the Rise Of The Runelords 'episode' The Hook Mountain Massacre. My PC's have been getting a bit big for their britches, so I thought a Hills Have Eyes/X-Files 'Home' Episode/Hook Mountain Massacre would be a good way to remind them that there are still things that should scare them. Since the 'Family' needed a matriarch it became Moma Kel.

    4. She just wants to 'Feed Her Family' and continue to hold The Hollow. We'll find out if that works out this Saturday night.

    5. Well she and her get are cannibals, so you know...

    6. Hasn't happened yet, but I have high hopes.

    7. See above answer.

    8. She's an obese sedentary lady constantly gnawing on a Frost Giant infants arm, she has a southern drawl, and if vain to the core. She'll give the most comely of the PC's a chance to not just be meat, but they'll have to give her a child in return.

    9. She has plotters in her brood looking to 'overthrow' her. Since most of her get are Ogre-Kin they aren't the smartest. So I'm hoping the PC's understand that brute force isn't going to get it done. They'll need to be conniving to survive.

    10. I have high hopes that she'll die most horribly.

  2. Blogger is being stupid otherwise I would have already posted my answers on my blog. I'll let you know when i finally get it to work.

  3. Well it's still being weird but i felt like publishing it anyway.

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