Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Some kickass female characters

D&D Encounters is coming up. I made a few more pre-generated characters for people to use. All of them are RPGA legal and conform to the 'Essentials' build standard (of which I'm not a fan, but here you go).

While all the art is original and done by me, liberal amounts of reference to Genzoman's art were used in their creation (I'm just really bad at drawing bodies, and clothing, and hands, and hair, and people, etc).

So all of these pregens are female. They are also all decidedly non-Caucasian. People often complain about the sexist and exploitative depiction of women in most RPG fantasy art, and after exhaustively searching the internet for examples of female protagonists in fantasy art, I'm very much inclined to agree with those people.

I came across a disturbing trend in female protagonist clothing aptly called the 'tit-window'. It's when a woman's top bit of clothing exposes a generous amount of cleavage for no other purpose than to expose a generous amount of cleavage. Often the 'tit-window' isn't even a low cutting top; it's a regular top that has had the fabric/material around the breasts simply cut out.

This, along with leg coverings that basically amount to panties or a loincloth combined with boots, is pretty shameless. Even disregarding the idea that no woman could feasibly fight or defend herself in such clothing, all of it is still pretty exploitative in its presentation.

So I'm happy to say that all of the "armour" in the above art of female fantasy protagonists is practical while still being pleasing to the eye. Sexy without being sexist.

Let me know if you agree or disagree in comments below.


  1. Being a HUGE fan of genzoman as well, ( i picked up on his style instantly) your art is really good. keep up the good work....i like the slayer with one arm , something you think of in dnd as much.
    the characters came out great!
    i myself created a drizzt -like clone, drow scout( 2 weapon fighting style,ranger)
    i will be running a table for this coming season and WILL be using these, thanks for the hard work

  2. after closly looking at them, the fighter isnt legal for official play.
    the "essentials " fighter has defenders aura not combat challenge( it doesnt mark its targets) and cant use those 2 stances.
    ...and how can someone with only one arm use a 2-handed greatsword?? just curious.
    however in my opinion your chr is how the essentials fighter should have been.

    1. *Sheet has been edited.

      Thanks for the find. Yeah, Essentials 'slayer' fighters don't get combat challenge. Other than that, though, the character is identical to the WotC character builder sheet in terms of stats and powers.

      As for wielding a greatsword one-handed, have you seen her character portrait?! 'Aint nothin' that gal can't wield.

  3. out of curiosity, why didnt you add in the defenders aura?
    you removed the combat challenge but didnt add da

    1. As far as I can tell, the 'slayer' fighter doesn't get defender's aura at all. Borrowed a friend's copy of Heroes of the Fallen Lands, plus checked with an existing WotC pregen (Fargrim), and the class doesn't seem to get it.

      Was that part of some errata or something?

  4. Kiel, your ranger's outfit is appropriate for grasslands, plains, hills, moors, marshes, bog and swamps but not something anyone would wear in the woods (typically associated with rangers). Her bare legs would be torn up by the underbrush and low branches. So depending on her home territory, she is either awesome or ridiculous.

    I love the paladin and the wizard. I don't play 4e so I can't comment on the builds.

    1. She's a druid. Druid's are immune to all adverse effects of nature. Also, they're usually maladjusted to urban societal norms like dress code.

      There, that's my half-assed defense of her bare thighs and low-cut top.

  5. These are awesome! I love how graphically accessible the sheets are. I wish higher level character sheets were this compact in 4E!

    The slayer is right, they are strikers not defenders and have no ability to 'stop' opponents beyond normal OA.