Friday, June 22, 2012

Some maps I made

It's been a busy month. I donated bone marrow, started running D&D Next playtests, learned I have a faulty valve in my heart, and got divorced. Despite all of these complications, I'm doing pretty well, and decided to finally update this blog with some content.

My various online gaming sessions (Playing D&D Encounters and D&D Next via Google+ Hangouts) has provided me with ample opportunities to try my hand at dungeon mapping in Photoshop.

Here are a bunch of examples of my scribbles and scrabbles:

I'm gonna continue to improve my mapping skills. The 'Temple of the Lost Sea-God' map was a trade with Stacy Dellorfano from Frivology. You should serious read her blog and circle her on Google+. Her musings and illustrations are most easily described as 'dope'. They are also suitably 'fly' and 'pimp'.


  1. That is more or less, exactly how I imagined Ghessla.

  2. That's the exact opposite of how I imagined her. I like your version better.